About Us

Finstem Outsourcing (formerly known as EPRACT Outsourcing) is a proficient outsourcing service provider. We provide back office work for front office excellence. Finstem Outsourcing provides tailored services as per our client business model. These services include a complete HR solution management from Payroll processing services with an enriched pool of payroll and compliance consultants in both functional and technical domain, to provide end to end payroll and compliance solutions at every location in the country.

Outsourcing the Sourcing represents a departure from these traditional options minimizing the administrative operations and reducing the operational cost by 40-50% which in turn increases customer’s profit. Hiring top-performers is core, but the process to find, recruit and manage the function is context. Our company in addition to hiring top-performers also manages operation and services guided by principles that stem from our core values and business ethics consists of four key elements designed to build and sustain a robust talent pool .i.e. integrity, trust, continuous learning and partnering progress.

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